I like to talk to a lot of startups in the healthcare space. Here are the startups I keep track of. I've been able to talk to the founder or employee(s) of many of them.

  • Practice Fusion, a free EMR. Ryan Howard, CEO.
  • Hello Health / Myca, online care delivery system. 
  • theList / Touch Consult, patient management product. Matt DiPaola, MD, founder.
  • Keas, app to encourage fun activities and healthy behavior. Adam Bosworth, founder. 
  • Rock Health, incubator for health apps. Halle Tecco, founder. 
  • Cake Health, a for patient billing. Rebecca Woodcock, founder.
  • Simplee, a Cake Health competitor. 
  • Avado, managing patient-provider relationships.
  • ZocDoc, make appoints with doctors online. 
  • Patient Communicator, efficient practice management system. Jeff Novich, founder.
  • Ignite Health, in the marketing / clinical trials sector. 
  • WellApps, develops symptom tracking applications for patients with chronic illnesses. Ed Shin, cofounder. 
  • CareCloud, web-based medical practice management software.